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Contracts pay $100 per week and there is no limit to the number of contracts you can sign up for. Many motivated users received between $800 and $1,200 every week from multiple contracts. All they have to do is take selfies and upload them.

To qualify for a contract, you must be available on an almost daily basis to upload your selfies on request.

The agent who awards you with the contract will ask you for a selfie in a specific pose. You will take the selfie and upload it to the agent.

The key to receiving contracts is to have many different styles of selfies uploaded in your profile. Once you establish yourself as reliable, it becomes very easy.


Answers to your questions


Sell your selfies on Modelette. It's as easy as uploading the pics. Businesses are very interested in buying selfies and media agents are waiting for new selfies on our website all the time. Just upload and get paid


You get paid between $1 and $5 for every selfie purchased, depending on type and style. The payment is credited to your account, and you can withdraw your balance anytime it is over $20. Contracts pay $100 per week


Agents who like your selfies will offer you contracts. Each contract pays a fixed salary of $100 every week. Your job would be to send the agent selfies that he/she requests (poses, clothes, locations, etc)


Businesses buy selfies for many purposes. These include promotions, advertisement, sample profiles, website content, and set collections. You can specify how your selfies may be used


Anyone over 18 years old may signup and list their selfies for sale. You may only list your own selfies, or selfies taken with someone who gave permission. We may ask for verification of age or images


The revenue you make depends on how much in-demand your selfies are, their quality, and the types of selfies you take. Many users get 10 or more contracts and make over $1,000 a week for little work


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