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Modelette provides listings of beautiful women around the world who are available for various jobs ranging from modeling to entertainment. If you are looking for an elegant model for your catalogue, a beautiful hostess for your party, a pretty business woman as part of your marketing team, or a stunning attractive lady to escort you to an event, then we can help you. Our services page lists some of the services provided by the ladies listed on this website.

Who gets listed?
Modelette only lists the most beautiful women. If a woman is not model material, then she does not qualify to be listed on this website.

How to get listed?
Usually, models are listed by invitation from one of our representatives who sees her profile in a magazine or elsewhere on the web. However, if you think you qualify to get listed on our website, we encourage you to fill in our online model profile. It is completely free. Getting listed on this website has many more benefits than other modeling websites. We do review all applications manually and only qualified individuals get accepted. Once accepted, your profile will become available to agencies and businesses searching for models like you.

Who uses this website?
This website is used mostly by modeling agencies and entertainment companies seeking qualified models. There are also many requests from businesses hosting events and parties, and also from professionals and individuals who would like to get introduced to beautiful women for companionship. Let's face it ... there is a big demand for beautiful woman.

What does this website offer?
This website is a liason between beautiful women and people looking for beautiful women for business purposes. Models get listed on the website and we promote their profiles and make it easy for them to be found. Agencies, businesses, and people looking for beautiful women have a convenient way of finding them now. Everyone listed here is beautiful, so you do not have to search hard. For more information, please review our information page for contact details, policies, and legal issues.


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